Some I Know

The nitty-gritty
Our vision is simple. We want to create innovative digital experiences, whether it be websites, apps or something as small as icons. You can always trust that the finished product will be simple, stunning and beautiful.
Get to know
Some People I Know
Some People I Know is based in Stockholm and consists of Mia Natt och Dag and Biola Kadiri Fischer. Together we have over 30 years combined experience in designing beautiful digital experiences.
Our clients include: Tinitell, Adobe Systems, Learnways, Magine TV, UR, Lowe Brindfors, Saatchi & Saatchi, Gul och Blå, Bonava, Pond Sthlm, Opera and Notified amongst others.
Magine TV
Applications & web
Magine TV is a cloud based TV-platform that so far have launched in Sweden and Germany. Some People I Know having been working with Magine TV from the start in 2011, developing a design platform for the different apps, iOS, Android, Windows 8 and Smart TV:s.

App, web & identity
Tinitell is a wearable mobile phone for kids. It's super simple, fun and durable, perfect for outdoor adventures. Parents manage it from the Tinitell admin app. Some People I Know have been involved with Tinitell from the get-go, designing the website, app and more.

Identity & web
Geome3 are cases designed to protect the device without interfering with any of its functions. Some People I Know came up with everything from branding to website and the design of the cases themselves.

Icons & illustrations
We created an icon library for NCC’s new brand Bonava. Bonava's focus is on developing affordable and sustainable housing for consumers and investors on selected markets. To date we have created over 200 icons for them to use on buildings, signs, websites and printed material.